About Us

OinkOink, a NY-based company, is a leading provider of today’s most powerful and innovative electronic medical solutions and services. Our mission is to leverage technology advances to help physicians streamline operations, increase productivity, and minimize expenses. To achieve this goal, we’ve developed new and exciting tools that increase the accessibility, reliability, and exchangeability of vital patient information, while providing significant productivity and cost-reduction benefits.

Throughout the years, we’ve worked closely with our clients to acquire an in-depth understanding of their workflow requirements. This knowledge, combined with our passion for technology and innovation, has enabled us to design a robust Windows-based service; Scribe. Scribe offers maximum interoperability, connectivity, and stability – with a focus on medical providers at the helm. The best part, Scribe leverages nothing more than Microsoft® Internet Explorer, which means no software installation, quick deployment, global accessibility and collaboration like never before. While most electronic medical solutions or EMR systems are able to provide the required connectivity and exchange, their proprietary application prohibits end-users from sharing or collaborating outside their network.
OinkOink approach, utilization of the most common platform in the computing world; Microsoft® Internet Explorer® , which eliminates this most limiting factor in exchange and interoperability of information.

Additionally, we are among the most efficient and environmentally-friendly companies in the world. OinkOink, our newest solution, enables our team of medical transcriptionists and editors, as well as our developers and software, network, and programming engineers to support you and your practice, from virtual offices around the globe. This approach has yielded unparalleled increases in productivity and incredible cost savings. We are fully connected nearly every minute of every working day, and can rapidly collaborate on every possible topic, without consuming a drop of gasoline or printing a single page of paper!

At OinkOink, we are passionate about our world, our work, and most importantly – you!

Storing and maintaining hard copy

Storing and maintaining hard copy records can waste resources, take up valuable office space, and place a huge administrative burden on your staff. But, more importantly, paper files can be hard to organize, difficult to search for and locate, and offer limited security, which can compromise the confidentiality of patient data.

Scribe includes a robust, fully-integrated utility that allows you to rapidly transform your old paper records into easy-to-mange digital files. So, you can dramatically improve the way your patient records are organized, stored, and displayed.

Additionally, Scribe can:
Make it easier to search for and locate records
Protect records from loss or misfiling
Enhance security and prevent unauthorized access to patient data
Enable rapid sharing and exchange of records among medical providers
Free up valuable office space for other important uses
Eliminate the cost associated with printing and storing hard copy files, such as labor expenses and waste of ink, paper, and other supplies
Increase administrative efficiency by reducing the time needed to organize, manage, and retrieve files

Online Medical Transcription Services

Our mission is to empower physicians to maximize the accessibility, reliability, and exchange ability of vital patient records – while increasing efficiency and reducing overhead costs – through the design and development of today’s most robust electronic medical solutions. Our portfolio of innovative offerings includes scribe, which combines one of the industry’s very first applications with an old record digitization system and full connectivity and records exchange in one complete, tightly-integrated solution.
Our cutting-edge scribe application gives medical providers comprehensive, full-featured tools for end-to-end online management of their records. So, important patient information can be directly and securely retrieved and maintained, 24/7, from any Web-accessible location. Additionally, all or parts of a record can be instantly shared with any other medical provider. So, any authorized physician, anywhere around the world, can immediately access a patient’s demographics, medical history, images, active medications, allergies, and other essential medical record information necessary to effectively continue patient care.
Integrated with scribe provides the most sophisticated digital medical transcription services in the market. We are one of the only companies to assign dedicated transcriptionists and editors, who process dictations in as little as 4 hours (STAT). Transcriptions are entered into Scribe, where medical providers can monitor progress; track revisions; electronically sign, search, archive, direct-print, fax, or email records; and completely manage their audio and text files with features such as electronic notification management, online bill view, and more.
Our medical transcription services are competitively priced, so our clients receive the highest quality service, at affordable rates. Starting at just per line, is the most comprehensive and cost-effective US based transcription service provider available – guaranteed!